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The Artist within...

Our homes are a life dream for us all and when we finally have them built there cannot be stopping the artist within to have them beautiful.

We want to create a space that is a true embodiment of our aesthetics and unique choices. This has to be carefully planned as it is very easy to have our perfect dream shattered with some cheap gadgets and casts which are now flooding the e-commerce.

When homes are so special and the centre of our individual universes, why not do something to bring out the absolute best in them? Why not the finest hand made sculptures avaialble online? Why not Viktor-Art Exclusive Woodcarving?!

All the sculptures we have available in our store are made in our workshops from the beginning to the very end. We do not resale or redistribute products.

As we are the sole producer and the seller in one, we do guarantee the top quality products and we vouch for the process of making them. Starting from selection of the best quality lime wood, through our sawmills, carving tools, fine painting methods and ending in delivering a neatly packed final product to our clients.

Patryk Zajdel - Owner of Viktor-Art

"Beautiful piece. Pleasant seller. Arrived quickly considering the distance." - Sarah Hafeman, USA

"Shipped well and in good condition. Beautiful piece" - John Vozenilek, USA

Our Customers from USA

"This item was even more beautiful in person. We are so happy with our purchase! Thank you!!" - Vignette Design Studio, USA

"Everything arrived as promised. Love my a'la Faberge eggs!" - Bridget Ford, USA

Our Customers from USA

"Wonderful shop to work with! Patryk was very quick to respond to any questions and took a personal interest in making sure I received the product. Fabulous workmanship! I would definitely order from this company again." - Kandi Brice, USA

Customers from USA